5 pitfalls to avoid when building your brand

Developing a brand does not simply involve a sudden light bulb ‘eureka’ moment - developing a successful brand entails a lot of time , effort, thought and attention to detail. It requires an extensive and effective strategy on a wide range of levels within the company. Where many companies fail is that they see a brand as simply an attractive logo and rush to get it out into the public eye with very little thought going into the process or the other vital elements that make up a BRAND. The approach is doomed for failure!

Below are the 5 cardinal sins committed when it comes to building a brand that is destined to fail!

1). Failing to understand that a brand is MORE than a logo!

Many people fail to realise exactly what a brand is or what it means to have one. They do not take the time to understand that there is more to a brand than a flashy / recognizable logo! A brand is everything about your company - it is how the world see’s you and what you represent. Before you even consider developing a brand you must be able to answer the following questions;

  • Why does your company exist?

  • What are your goals as a company?

  • What do you want your brand to say about you?

Once you have the answers to these questions you must incorporate them into all aspects of your company. Your brand is your visual appearance - your logo and fonts, it is your persona - your voice, your writing style, what you stand for as a brand and it is your customer service and reputation - how you deal with your customers and how they perceive you as a brand. Your brand is your promise and reflects who you are as a company.

2) Not listening to your customer

Although hard work, passion and thought must go into creating your brand - ultimately your brand is created in the minds of the customer. It is what you consumer thinks of you that really determines how successful you are as a brand. Your consumer is the best advocate for your business and you therefore must welcome and take on board any feedback they offer - use this to focus on your strengths. The same applies when it comes to brand designs and logos - the most successful brands will use social media as a platform to test several different designs and use the feedback to decide which is the best to launch your company with.

3) Being just another face in the crowd

Make sure you know your brand purpose- one that is going to get you noticed- and use it to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Think of ways you can differentiate yourself from other companies - that may be YOU, your personality, your employees, your enthusiasm! Whatever it is, make sure you use it and use it consistently!

4) Not remaining true to your brand persona

It is important that you always remain true to the persona that you have created through your brand - the same persona that your customers have grown to trust and are loyal to. Honesty and consistency are key when it comes to creating a trust -worthy brand that customers want to align their loyalty to and share with their friends. Your customers are your best business advocates and you want to make sure to do everything to keep them on your side. Never promise anything you have even the slightest doubt that you can fulfil! Be honest, be consistent and be reliable!

5) Not embracing change

In this highly technological environment and with the emergence of millennials into the workforce the business world is one of constant change - as well as our everyday lives. Creating and brand and persona that is too rigid to move with the times and adapt to any changes society is faced with - is a brand that is going to drown in the business world. You have to create a brand that is flexible and adaptable and allows some room for growth.

These are the 5 reasons that brands often fail to survive and compete in the world of business! Avoid these bad habits at all costs!

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