55 Years of Innovation - Key to Success

September marks the start of a very special year at Zing - a year of celebrations to commemorate our 55 years in business! As we look back on the past 55 years we reflect on how much the company has changed and progressed in this time. Here at Zing we put a lot of the business longevity down to excellent staff, great customer care, a strong vision, excellent leadership and most of all - the ability to move with the times!

Throughout this year we will be hosting a number of different events to celebrate the ongoing success at Zing and to toast to the next 55 years of print!

Our celebrations kicked off on Friday 4th September with a visit from Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment Minister Jonathan Bell, to the Zing Headquarters. Jonathan was accompanied by local representatives including MLA’s Adrian McQuillan and George Robinson. We were very excited and proud to welcome everyone to Zing and give them the guided tour around our factory where the Zing magic happens. Jonathan seemed very impressed with our office, factory and business model. He quickly took to twitter to congratulate us on our creative and talented team.

Established in 1960 by the current owner’s father, Jack Yates, Zing began life as Display Aids Printing, initially providing signs to the local market. In 1995 Jack passed the running of the business on to his son Russell. As the sales and marketing drive gathered momentum it became apparent that the name Display Aids Printing was no longer able to encompass the wide range of products and services available and was proving almost restrictive in customers’ perception of the business. Therefore, in 2001 the company changed its name to Zing Design and Print, an abstract reflection of the progressive, multimedia print provider the business had become. This re-branding also allowed the business to promote, more vigorously, its existing innovative design service to both existing and potential customers who were becoming increasingly more design focused.

Always wanting to stay relevant and move with the times, in 2013 Zing decided that the future of print lay in the ability to enable clients to manage their own branded print materials. Zing invested in the next generation of document editing software branded PingPong and also got a new look. Now Zing- Digital, Design, Display the company works towards developing innovative dependable partnerships with key clients offering a full suite of services that still include print that is now complemented with web services and digital media. We are very proud that our print factory has survived the tide of change and we are still printing onsite!

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