Why Email Marketing is here to stay!

It is strange to think that email marketing has recently become a marketing craze when email has been around for so long. It is only recently that businesses have begun to recognise the huge marketing platform that emails offer and that up until recently was not being exploited as much as it should. With the vast volume of emails sent everyday, email marketing remains one of the elite channels for business communication, so why not use it alongside our business marketing campaigns? Social media is fun but why not go back to our roots and embrace the power of the email!! We have all heard the reasons WHY we should email market; ● Cost effective ● Success as content is targeted ● Measurability ● Efficiency ● Can be operated by any company of any size. ..but what we want to know is WHY IT WORKS? Below are a list of reasons why email marketing works and why it is here to stay! If these reasons don’t convert you by the end of the list then I don’t know what will! ● Email marketing provides a direct line of communication for conversion to sales. It is the ultimate marketing tool. If you want to progress and succeed in the world of marketing ­ you must be efficiently using your email marketing. ● Email marketing allows you to share information directly, generate interest, drive traffic, keep a track of all of this and how well it is working for you. It also allows you to test different styles to track what does and doesn’t work for you and your recipients. ● Being able to track your open rates, clicks and conversions is invaluable to maximising the effectiveness of your email marketing. It will allow you to target your audience further ­ giving you a better idea of what does and doesn’t interest them. Every email allows you to learn more about your consumer. ● Email marketing works in an extremely complimentary way with social media. Infact it is now more powerful than ever thanks to social media. It moves the conversation from social media platforms into a more personal environment ­ the inbox. ● Email marketing when done correctly is a value - exchange ­ your valuable information for your recipients valuable time. By sending your recipients targeted, relevant and interesting content they will grow to trust you and respect you as a brand. Good email content deepens your relationship with your audience. ● Email works on mobile devices other than phones. They also have A LOT of character space ­ compared to text messages and social media posts. With email you are not limited to how much detail and information you can give to your client. With the limits of the other platforms the message can be lost or downplayed by having to cut the output short. ● It is easy to customise and integrate into other marketing tactics. The beauty of email marketing is that it is so versatile. Email is at the heart of any integrated marketing campaign. Email marketing can be utilized alongside any other marketing tactic ­ blogs, press, social media etc. ● Email is most effective because it is permission based. The people on your email list have given you their email address and therefore at the same time, their permission to send them email messages. Generally they are willing and interested to hear what you have to say. ● Email marketing done right is very targeted. Your email list should consist of a targeted group that are interested in your business, product and service. Once you have obtained your targeted email list, it often helps to segment them further. Not every email you send will be of interest to everyone on your list. So to ensure that you maintain a strong open and engagement rate you must target each email within your targeted audience.

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