Email Marketing Mastered!

Email marketing has exploded into the business world in recent years. Although email has been about for ages, the businesses are only starting to notice and embrace the huge marketing potential that emails offer! Email Marketing is worldwind of potential waiting to be exploited. However, it is not something that should be delved into lightly or without careful planning and consideration. There is a special art email marketing successfully and once mastered can be hugely profitable and productive. Dave Chaffey from Smart Insights offers a fun and efficient way to remember the CRITICAL aspects that must be considered when it comes to email marketing. Creative ­ in terms of the overall design of the marketing email. This includes the layout, the images used and the colours. You should ensure that the email looks good and works on all devices that it may be accessed from.

Relevance ­ it is important that the content of your email is targeted to the recipients needs and interests. This will encourage interaction and response between you and the recipient and will differentiate your email from the constant spam received on a daily basis. Incentive ­ when opening an email, recipients think ‘What’s in it for me?’. Offer the recipient something and they will likely participate and respond! Timing ­ it is important that your recipients receive their emails at a time that is convenient for them. You should test and measure which times work best for which type of email and recipient. Integration ­ email marketing must be consistent with all other company marketing ­ eg. the same logo, colours, images, values and persona. The timing of email campaigns must also coincide with other aspects of your marketing mix. Copy ­ when considering the copywriting of your email, you must consider all the aspects of the language used. Grab the recipient's attention early on with links, images etc. Attributes ­ this includes such elements as the email header and the subject line. It is best to test your campaigns with different subject lines etc to see what you customers respond and open more than others and which they consider spam! It is also important to consider your email signature ­ it is an easy way to maximise the reach of your company’s marketing campaigns at very little cost. Landing page ­ the best way to get the most out of your email marketing is to direct recipients to a landing page that will interest them and where they can fill out a quick and simple form in return for something (e.g more information, blogs) ­ this way you will have their details and they will get access to something in return. Tips from Zing! Here at Zing we would like to get our two pence in when it comes to email marketing and instill some wisdom we have learnt from our very own email marketing campaigns! ● Target within your targeted emails. This will make your email marketing even more relevant and personal ­ and should in turn increase your open and engagement rates. Sending personalized emails shows that you are paying attention to what content your prospect is interacting with and this will make them much more likely to read your email. ● Be deliberate, put time, effort, passion and focus into your emails. Pay attention to how it will look to the recipient, check the layout and that the links are live and in particular the subject line. Email marketing can be very powerful ­ but only if it is used correctly. ● When creating emails, it is vital that you provide links to landing pages and blogs to ensure continuation of the interaction between you and the recipient and further engage the prospect. Make sure this call­to­action is eye catching and offers further content, offers or information that is of interest to the prospect. ● Always offer an ‘opt­ in’ as part of your initial email. This will stop you from sending emails to people who do not want and may mark it as spam. By doing this you will have a more targeted audience that will produce a much higher open rate and a much more successful marketing campaign in terms of conversion rates. ● Make sure your email is compatible for mobile devices. In this day and age , with the massive developments and technology and wide range of mobile internet devices, it is important that you as a company are moving with the times and that this is reflected in the adaptability of your marketing campaigns. ● Be sure to send a steady stream of emails so that you stay in your customer's mind ­ but at the same time do not overwhelm them. There is no magic number as to how many emails you should send and how often. It depends on your target market and the types of products/ services you have to offer. You are better waiting until you have something new/ important to say before you send an email. ● Make sure there is a healthy balance between sales and content emails. People like to know what is going on in your company, they enjoy some light reading with bit of humour mixed with information. What recipients do not like is the feeling that they are being constantly sold to. So while sales emails are important and will be of interest to the recipient, make sure they are outnumbered by content emails. ● Use A/B test campaigns to determine what works best for you. This will differ depending on your recipient list and email content.

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