What is Digital Wallpaper?

Want to Zing Your Walls?

A little bit of colour never hurt anyone and it wouldn’t hurt the office would it? Whether you are in work or at home you like to be in a pleasant environment. Digital printing of wallpaper has developed to the point now that you can transport a room to just about anywhere using digitally printed wallpaper; from a tropical beach to the heart of the city to the peaceful hills, anything is possible.

Digitally printed wallpaper can bring a motivational and relaxing backdrop to any room. Studies have shown that 60% of people work more effectively in an office if they like their surroundings. By choosing the right colours and images you can improve overall morale and productivity in the office, so really you should look at this as not only an interior design investment but an investment in your workforce.

There are no limits to the graphics and designs you can have with this wallpaper, just look at the walls around you and imagine the possibilities. Bespoke wallpaper is available much more widely than it was a few years ago so creating that optimum office space or the perfect feature wall at home doesn’t need to break the bank.

Check out the before and after photos from Autoline HQ in Newry:

The team at Autoline have even started bringing picnics to work!

So if you need something to brighten that room or maybe you just want to make a statement in your offices, then we have the perfect solution in our bespoke printed wallpaper service. Whether you choose from our image library or you have your own designs we will produce the wallpaper in our factory and help you complete your project with style.

P.S. here's the New York skyline hot off the press:

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