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We have now launched our new Zing Safety Signs website.

Here at Zing we feel we are self-taught experts when it comes to safety signs after all the work that has went into constructing this amazing website. That, and the fact we have been doing this since the 60’s.

We know that sometimes safety signs can be very confusing – there are SO many of them! – But we are here to clear things up and make it all much simpler.

Safety Signs fulfil 4 main duties – warn, prohibit, mandate and safety – here is what each sign is meant to do:

Warn – Warning signs are there to draw attention to potential immediate hazards

Prohibit – Prohibition signs are there to forbid people from areas in order to prevent harm

Mandate – Mandate signs are there to highlight what people must do to stay safe from harm

Safety – Safety signs are there to highlight effectively how to get to safety

Each safety sign has a different shape; this is so they can maintain a uniform shape that will be easily recognisable and so they will be related to their designation when seen. This consistent shape is used across the world so the signs are easily recognisable as warnings or mandates etc and the language barrier will have no effect.

Warning – Triangle Prohibition – Round Mandate – Round Safety – Square/Rectangle

Feel free to share this blog and share your new knowledge of why we need safety signs! Keep an eye out for our next blog and have a look around our new website too. If you need any further information or would like to chat to one of our team about our signs, call us or send an email and we would be happy to help!

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