Birthdays & Babies - Celebration time at Zing

September marks the start of a very special year at Zing - a year of celebrations to commemorate our 55 years in business! As we look back on the past 55 years we reflect on how much the company has changed and progressed in this time. Here at Zing we put a lot of our business longevity down to excellent staff, great customer care, a strong vision, excellent leadership and most of all - the ability to move with the times!

Throughout this year we will be hosting a number of different events to celebrate the ongoing success at Zing and to toast to the next 55 years of print!! Stay tuned for our frequent updates and join us in our celebrations. We plan on making it a year to remember.

It's a Boy!

Two infact! We have welcomed two beautiful baby boys into the Zing family.

Aileen called into Zing HQ today so we could all officially meet Conan. He is perfect - as you can see from the photo below. Aileen is looking very bit the doting mother (she also couldn't resist checking out a few quotes and asking about her customers!).

Jonny and his partner Kelly - Ann also welcomed a gorgeous baby boy, Cody, into their family. We cannot wait to meet him - check out how cute he is!

So here’s to Zing! To a great year of celebrations, babies and fun! And here's to the next 55 years.

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