What is Email Marketing?

Mixed up in all the hype of social media, email marketing often gets overlooked ­ andthis is a vital error many companies are guilty of. Email is one of the most powerful and personal ways to connect with your existing and potential customers. It is not old fashioned ­ and it is certainly not dead. With the emergence of content marketing and its explosion into the business industry ­ competition for inbox space and dominance is at an all time high. Any email that is sent to potential or existing customers could be considered as email marketing. Technically speaking, however, email marketing usually consists of sending a commercial message through advertisements, requests for business or encouraging sales and interaction with the company. Companies use it to increase brand awareness and to develop a relationship with their potential and existing customers. Email marketing is a great way for companies to get across their brand persona and begin to develop trust and loyalty with the public. Email marketing is very effective as it allows companies to stay in contact with their customers whilst at the same time creating and promoting brand awareness. Targeted and cost effective marketing Email marketing can be reached by hundreds of targeted recipients within a matter of minutes. This is a low cost form of business promoting and advertising as opposed to expensive media and television advertising costs. Instead of paying expensive advertising costs to reach the mass public without any sense of direction , email marketing allows companies to reach a targeted audience at low costs. Emails are created and sent to targeted recipients, providing them with information that is personalized and of interest to them. Not only does this increase interaction and sales, but it also strengthens the relationship between the company and the customers as it creates trust and loyalty and a sense that the company cares about and understand the needs of the customers. Email marketing is also instant ­ which not only allows you to reach a large number of contacts in a matter of minutes ­ but it also allows your contacts to respond as quickly and easily as they want. Stay true to your brand and encourage interaction It is important to remember that every bit of email marketing represents your business and must remain true to your brand persona. Every email should include company information and a call ­ to ­ action. This will not only allow recipients to learn more about their company but also gives them the opportunity to learn more by subscribing to your newsletter, blogs or further emails. These subscription rates will allow you to track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and what information it is that interests your contacts and encourages interaction.

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