Too many unorganised photos? We can help!

Don’t you hate it when you want to show off your pictures, but they are in no particular order? Then you come across five duplicates in a row? We all love to take photos, but we often end up with way too many, and with more than 1.2 Trillion pictures set to be taken in 2017, the need to keep them organised is greater than ever.

This was the case for a recent Zing customer who had more than 14,000 photos, stored on different digital cameras and mobiles, from visits all over the world. Imagine trying to find that one special picture in all of that!

Thanks to the new photo cataloguing service offered at Zing, this particular customer no longer has this problem. We checked every photo, removing those annoying duplicates and re-ordered them. Now this collection is in chronological order and pictures with location tags can even be viewed by places he had visited!

All the pictures are in the ‘cloud’ too, so they can be viewed anywhere, anytime and shared with loved ones or colleagues if it’s a business collection.

If you would like a fully organised collection of photographs with the added benefits that come with it, get in contact to find out more.

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