10 Tips For Making Your Roll-Up Stands Effective

Carefully designed Roll-Up Stands are an excellent resource for business exhibitions. They also create an impact in your reception area providing a consistent, well-targeted sales message to new and existing customers. This means that getting the right content and design is crucial in communicating your business message.

Here's 10 tips to help design an effective roll-up stand..

  1. Know what your most important message is, don't rush into things

  2. Keep it short, simple and to the point.

  3. Remember that you have only a few seconds to catch a visitor's attention

  4. Eye-catching design, your banner should stand out

  5. Use professional graphics and images, ensure they’re high-quality

  6. The design of your banner must tie in with your brand

  7. Logo at the top! Use the top of the banner to promote your logo and ensure its high resolution image

  8. Ensure your most important text is at eye-level

  9. Use large font size for your main message to give impact but not look cluttered

  10. Choose a font which is easy to read and eye-catching.

At Zing we provide professional and eye-catching Roll Up Stands!

They are printed single sided in vibrant full colour on an anti-curl, textured polyester film with an anti-scratch surface and a silver back block out layer to prevent show through. The PVC free material is an environmentally friendly option to the PVC Banner.

Contact us for details Info@zingdp.com

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