New Kit!

As we are always trying to keep up with the latest technological advances we have recently made some investments in new equipment to help improve our service to customers. The most exciting of these is our new Canon Digital Imagepress. Compared to our previous machine the new Canon delivers higher quality print at a faster speed while keeping costs to a minimum. "The print quality from this machine is just superb. It will print onto heavily textured surfaces such as linen or ribbed paper while still delivering excellent quality images." We purchased the online finishing modules which allows us to make booklets as the machine is printing which all helps to improve turnaround time.

Another new piece of machinery is our laminator. With an increased demand for quality finishes on business cards leaflets and brochures we have invested in order to give our customers choice and quality.

Don't forget we can print and laminate posters and plans up to and beyond A0 size.

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