Zing Steps Up to Give Back !

Do you remember? Last November, we announced the creation of our new project “Zing Steps Up”. In partnership with the Causeway Enterprise Agency (CEA), this project is a way for Zing to give back by helping startup businesses.

As animal lovers, one project in particular caught our eye: Dog Friendly Tours. What do they do? I hear you ask. The principle is simple: “walk your dog, in the company of other dog lovers”. We quickly got in touch with Jo, the founder of the company and fixed her up with a roll up stand and flyers.

We wish Jo all the best with her new business. Stay tuned, the next winner will be announced soon. If you have a project to discuss or need some guidance on an idea, please get in touch. As always the team will do their best to help out and the end result will be smiles all round. Some people say#itsazingthing

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