The Importance of Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is vital!

“Every business in the world, no matter its size, benefits from tactically developing a brand and maintaining it as a recognizable representation of the organisation”. This is a quote from Teddy Hunt from his article ‘The Importance of brand consistency and some who are getting it right’. Hunt goes on to highlight how branding allows businesses to stand out from their competitors and helps to communicate what your core product / service is. Brand consistency is vital when it comes to creating a persona and a familiarity around your business. Consistency brings clarity and that's what increase customers trust in you. As your brand becomes recognised and people start to associate with it in accordance to the persona you have created (ensuring that is a good one) - this is when you will begin to reap the benefits of brand loyalty. Brand loyalty and repeat business is what differentiates you from your competitors. Building a strong brand rests on consistency and consistent brands get noticed!

Common pitfalls in marketing consistency

However, there are many companies that struggle with the ability to create and maintain a consistent and recognizable brand. Business life is often fast paced and highly pressurised and this results in many brands trying to manage their marketing as they go along, with little or no branding guidelines or attention to consistency. There is a skill to it that not many businesses seem to get right. When it comes to brand consistency the most important factors are visual - ensuring the same font, colours, design etc in terms of the logo and general branding. This is often a fundamental problem for franchises or multi-site businesses where each branch has control of their own marketing and print material. As Jens Lungaard points out in her article ‘Brand Management and Consistency; is everyone singing the same song?’ , “You take a hit when the levels and complexity of marketing activity exceeds the amount of control the business has over brand management”. I believe that the bad impression given if you do not have the control and efficiency to manage your own brand, causes customers to doubt your efficiency when managing your clients. One way of controlling this is to develop a set of brand guidelines. These guidelines don’t have to be extensive - just simply the outline of which fonts, colours, designs are inline with your company brand.

Consistency roundup!

Brand consistency is a vital part in making your brand successful. A lot of time, effort and attention is put into creating a brand and it is just as important that this brand is protected in terms of consistency. Withi

n the realms of busy company life it is crucially important that time is set aside to nurture the brand you have created. It is advisable to develop a set of brand guidelines that can be used across your brand by both employees and service providers. Overall, brand consistency is important for;

  • Increasing customer recognition

  • Differentiating you from your competitors

  • Reinforcing your identity

  • Encouraging trust and loyalty from customers

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