Turn your employees into brand advocates

Every employee in every department has an effect on your brand and how it is perceived by the public. It is therefore vital that your employees are all advocates for your brand and display an enthusiastic and passionate feel towards it. One of your most powerful marketing assets and a USP for your business is your employees. No other company in the world has the same employees as you and you should utilise that in the most positive and effective way. To do this, all companies must feel connected to the brand - they must feel wanted and that their position within the company is appreciated and valued.

According to the 2013 Eldman Trust Barometer “Employees rank higher in public trust than a firm's PR department, CEO or Founder. 41% of us believe that employees are the most credible source of information regarding their business”. Employees are the representation - the living proof of everything your brand promises.

Brand Persona

It is vitally important that every brand has a persona and that that persona is non- controversial, honest and consistent. Your brand persona is what consumers warm to and what makes them trust your brand - resulting in loyal customers and active advocates for your business. Your brand persona shines the most in terms of your voice and writing style on platforms such as your web page and your social media outlets. Consumers trust employees, especially ones they have dealt with on a business level. Why not let your employees manage your content marketing! This can be fun for everyone - especially in terms of blogs and social media posts. Include photos of the office, work days out etc. Consumers like to see photos of familiar faces and hear what they have to say. This will give your company a more friendly, down to earth appearance that consumers trust and are likely to remain loyal to once relationships have been established.

While this all sounds great - you must first turn your employees into brand ambassadors for this to work. Here are a few steps that should help you achieve this transformation;

  1. Encourage employees to ‘be themselves’.

Your employees form a large part of your USP. They are what the consumer market associate with your brand. The more personal image your brand has - the more the consumer market are likely to affiliate themselves with it. Employee a workforce with great personality and people skills and allow them to use this to help make your brand a success.

2) Share your vision with your employees

Employees need to understand the company and its goals on all levels to be able to adequately represent your brand. Make sure all your employees know what your company stands for , what your values as a brand represent and your goals! It may help to print these out and display them around the workplace. If everyone is working towards shared goals and have a shared sense of identity they are more likely to feel passionate for the company, want it to succeed and work harder to achieve it.

3) Make employees feel valued

Employees who are made to feel valued and appreciated are going to be happier in the workplace and therefore be a much better advocate for the brand as a whole. Valued employees take more pride in their work and this is reflected in their attitude within their role and their respect for their employers. Happy employees are more likely to want the brand to succeed and will encourage people to use your service.

Your Employees are an invaluable asset - use them and watch your business!

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