Fespa Global Print Expo 2018

Taking place in Berlin (Germany), Fespa is one of the largest international events in the print industry calendar so as a company that likes being at the leading-edge of technology, we couldn’t miss it!

This event focuses on three themes, digital printing, textile printing and screen printing. Most of the big names in the print industry attended the event including Canon, HP, FujiFilm and many more all exhibiting their latest technologies and machinery.

We were able to see demos on Canon’s next generation CrystalPoint technology, which enables high-speed large format printing without compromising on quality and offers exceptional versatility on a wide range of papers. HP were showing a new machine that prints directly to rigid material using their latex inks which is an industry first.

The choices available at these shows are many and varied and it seems that there’s a machine or a software solution to suit most applications. The trick, as always, is making the right investment for the future

Now where did I put my checkbook?

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