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As an entrepreneur launching your business can be time-consuming and a puzzle to attract customers. That’s why, we made a selection of 5 print marketing tips to help you to promote your business.

Business cards

Essential communication tools for any business owner, business cards were seen before as simply a piece of paper with the company name. Well not anymore! When you are told that clothes make a man, this also applies to business cards. Indeed, it will have an impact on your customer decision to contact you. That’s why some companies don’t hesitate to customize them through various shapes, design and types of papers.

Posters and banners

These are 2 communication tools with a strong return on investment. Indeed, their lower costs take nothing away from their abilities to enlarge your target in a short time.

While designing them, be sure to respect the following rules: keep your design clean, size up your text and images accordingly, limit your communication to one message/purpose and use actionable words. If all the ingredients are there, success is guaranteed!


Labeled as old-fashion at the early stages of the digital age, no one can deny the fact that once your customers will physically hold the flyer, it will mean that you are halfway to getting your message across. That’s why it’s part of our TOP 5 and we advise you to use it without moderation!

Rollup stands

Used as a way to catch people attention as they pass by, rollup stands, also known as rollup banners, are a must-have for any space your (potential) customer is visiting! Just keep in your mind that a great design will have a great impact!

Promotional products

If your budget allows, get some promotional products and offer them to your (potential) customers. As well as business cards, it's a reminder of your company’s existence… but a cooler version! Indeed, there’s no shortage of choice, there is something for every taste: pens, bags, drinkware…

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