It's INTERNATIONAL PRINT DAY so we're celebrating the importance of print and the current trends in the industry! Everyone has jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon so going back to something a little more traditional may just be the key to a successful advertising strategy, a way for companies to stand out and set themselves apart from their competitors. Print should be used alongside digital marketing to create perfect on-brand advertising. Below are four trends that are taking print to the next level, they’re fun and easily incorporated no matter the sector.


According to expert’s colour actually does possess the power to change our mood. The print industry is moving further away from pastels and light colours, the latest trend is bright bold colours which perfectly represent the many moods and lifestyles of customers. When customers can relate to what they see they're instantly more interested.


Texture is a new trend that has taken off this year and can add a new dimension to your print advertising, Studies have shown that haptic (touch) memory has the biggest impact on the human brain. Using techniques like embossing and debossing can make all the difference on how much your print stands out, potential customers will take notice of something that looks professional and feels more expensive.


There is nothing more eye-catching than something shiny. Adding foil stamping to your print can add a certain elegance, not to mention instantly grabbing the attention of potential customers, it can take a very simple design and add an extra dimension.


The rule has remained the same since the beginning of advertising. People like images, the image is what first grabs the attention of customers. A small amount of text and a large picture will instantly make an ad more appealing. If people see a large amount of text it can put them off, something simple and authentic to the brand will appeal to the customer while still getting the message across.

Giving even one of these current trends a try could be just the thing to engage with new customers and offer your existing customers something fresh, giving your print that creative edge. Zing have recently partnered with and are able to offer a huge range of creative Print options including the above trends, so give us a call to take your print advertising to the next level- theres no better time than now!

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