PRINT IN 2019 - What you need to know!

Print advertising, despite its rumoured demise due to digital advertising is growing and growing in popularity and 2019 is no exception.

"82% of internet users trust print advertising more than digital marketing, according to marketing research institute Marketing Sherpa."

As people, we love the authenticity of being able to reach out and touch something, for us it adds a sense of credibility that just cannot be achieved digitally and that’s why we know the importance of communicating through print.

Like digital advertising, it’s all about staying relevant in this ever changing society and a new year means new ideas, new innovation and a chance to evolve. So, below we have outlined just a few points of guidance when considering print for your brand this year.

One of the biggest trends that has is storytelling within print. It is the use of a compelling yet intriguing image combined with the right narrative with the right colours to set the mood, ending with a call to action.

The story must represent your brand whether it be what you plan to achieve in the future, a current product or maybe your history and growth. Either way, the use of storytelling in print attracts your customer like no other ad campaign will and we cannot underestimate the link between an emotive response and a sale.

Another trend that evokes a similar response is the use of personalized print. This personal touch can be the difference between an immediate throw away and a read. Whether it’s a personalised poster, flyer or direct mailer this small touch can make all the difference.

Something we touched on before but has since grown hugely in popularity is the use of foil stamping. Shiny is eye-catching, it’s in our nature to instantly be attracted to it.

There are several different forms including fluorescent, subdued or even holographic- whatever one you choose this small adjustment to your print is an instant update that is sure to stay with your customers for a lot longer than normal print.

Finally, it’s time to strike up the perfect partnership. Nailing the combination between digital and print is the secret to maximizing sales. Striking up a common theme by using digital to reinforce your print campaigns, creating a consistence and recognisable brand image.

At Zing, since becoming a partner of it has allowed us to advance in terms of what we can offer our customers and we think it’s really worth taking a look. We can offer such a variety of print options- we think outside the box so you don’t have to, so g

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