Celebrations Are In Order!

It’s that time of year again, yay!

We have now reached 59 years at Zing!

One short from the big 60 next year…

This company has changed so much and progressed within this time.

However, that doesn’t mean our values change.

What exactly is it we do that has been consistent throughout?

Little reminder on Zing’s history

First established in 1960 by the current owner’s father, Jack Yates.

Did you know that Zing first began its journey as Display Aids Printing? How Zing has grown!

Initially, Display Aids Printing started by providing signs to the local market, first based in Kingsgate Street, in the centre of Coleraine.

Zing Design & Print have now redeveloped and got a new look, working towards developing Innovative Dependable Partnerships with key clients offering a full suite of services that still include print that is now complimented with web services and digital media.

Zing partnered with Printing.comthis time last year as well! It has now been officially one year!

Two birthday celebrations to Zing this September!

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