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You have probably heard about this topic a lot as it’s becoming a major issue in a modern world that is constantly evolving digitally.

As a marketer, or those that are in charge of images within a business when posting or creating content it can be difficult to ensure you are always abiding by the correct procedures when it comes to copyright images.

Key things to note:

Images you view on Google images are NOT necessarily free to re-use. Uncredited photos on websites may be protected by copyright.

If nothing is stated, ask for permission. No response - no use.

IF intentions are to reproduce an image for a critique or review, you may not need permission.

Note, to use a digital image into your website, consider whether it can be embedded as a link rather than simply copying it.

Google Images

Google’s Advanced Search allows you to filter the results by using ‘Usage Rights’

The person that creates the image may release it with: Creative Commons Licence.

CCL for short, is a simple way to grant copyright permissions of their work.

Getty Images - Embed Images

You can use their images, free of charge, for use in material that relate to events that are newsworthy or of public interest. It is like using a stock image site to purchase images however, by searching on Getty it states it is legal to use their images.

You must be a customer of Getty Images.

Embedded in their images provide a “legal way to utilize premium content whilst respecting creators’ rights, including the opportunity to generate licensing revenue”.

Any more queries into their images and how you can use them please visit their terms of use.

Image Libraries

If you’re looking at image libraries, you would have to search CC-BY to re-use with attribution.

There is also

CC-0: In the public domain, no attribution requested

CC-BY-NC: Free to re-use in a non-commercial context.


Anything reproduced by those that are long deceased may still be protected by copyright.

However, the creators of the digital image may have to claim the right to license its use.

This post is not of legal advice, it is a summary of research gained on Copyright Laws when it comes to using images digitally correctly on your website.

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