Benefits of Fabric Stands

One of this year’s biggest trends is Fabric stands, do you have yours?

Not only are they a colourful and vibrant way to grab the attention of passers, they add some colour to your business or event, there are even MORE benefits. Read on to find out!

Did you know that originally, exhibition displays have consisted of a frame with printed graphics placed onto a frame in pieces?

These days the graphics have moved to printed fabric graphics. It allows them to be flexible, in various shapes, easy to store, lighter and easier to transport when it is not being used.

Benefits of Fabric stands and why you should be considering them:


These quality fabric displays last for a long time; the print of fabric displays in the fabric means the graphic can be folded without creasing or damaging the print,making them long lasting and easy to store.

High quality print:

High quality print ensures your business is always best represented on these high-quality fabrics, best showcasing your designs.

Simple to assemble:

The sturdyframe of the fabric stand is easy to put together.


Simple to put away, no parts to lose which as well means you are carrying essentials.

Unique Shapes & Design:

Unusual shapes and curves that attract attention for different events and add a more designed look to your space.


Rather than purchasing a new stand, you can purchase a replacement graphic for a new event.

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