World Kindness Day

Happy #WorldKindnessDay everyone!

At Zing, we thought it would be a great idea to share ideas on reminding your employees how much they are appreciated. After-all, it’s World Kindness Day.

Don’t you just love a compliment when you complete work for your customers? We certainly do!

Here are a few things you can go the extra mile for those in work:


Types of compliments matter, specific compliments are key to raising employees’ happiness.

You’ve heard of the saying where it only takes one small gesture of kindness by a stranger a day can really make a difference. I believe this is true. So what is stopping us from complimenting each other in work for the tasks we work hard to complete to our standards?

For example,


Setting up a casual one to one coffee meeting talking about their performance. Asking about their goals and dreams. How you can help them. How their work tasks are going. If there is anything you can do to help them work better.

By giving them an opportunity to give you feedback, they will understand you are not just there to make them do work, but you want them to succeed.

In this day and age happiness at all levels in a work-place environment is becoming more emphasised on.


Showing employees you trust them is a big compliment in itself. It shows you think their work is offof high enough standard. By giving them ownership over something means you are allowing them to be creative as well as giving them this set of responsibilities. [so long as there is not too much on their plate at the time]


Finding opportunities for each employee, or department of employees is a great way to show you are looking out for them. Showing them there is more to their job is how you retain staff that have a lot to offer.

As these days the younger generation statistics are showing they are to have over twice as many jobs as the generations before them have.


I’ve read where places have made little self-care kits to give out to their employees containing refreshments, candles and so on. This is such a cute idea and is different from a treat. Any nourishing actions like this can really boost moods in work!

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