Why Your Business Needs to send Christmas Cards

We are coming up to the end of 2019, yet Christmas Cards are apart of our annual celebrations.

It’s one of those traditions that will not go away, that is why at Zing we wish to help create your cards to send your customers into 2020 with a festive ending to 2019.

Here are some reasons to remind you the importance of Christmas Cards:

  1. It shows your clients and customers that you’re real people: Personal element is key, especially entering 2020 as statistics have shown that this is the case, by sending a Christmas card you are showing customers they are important to you.

  2. Shows your customers that you value them: Having unique cards showing your Business logo, brand and existence is a much better way than generic Christmas cards, you’re showing effort, thought, some money spent. It shows you are an established business. Showing quality in everything you set out to accomplish.

  3. It’s a reminder that your business exists: Yes, even at the most basic level, sending a Christmas card to your clients is like sending a newsletter. It’s an indirect way of popping up on their radar, in a friendly way. Reminding clients of your brand.

  4. Competitors are already doing it! Competing businesses in your field are already doing this, if you aren’t you are behind in the game, yet it’s the most simplest way to get brand awareness, at the correct timing.

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