Print Trends in 2020

As with everything in life, innovation only grows with time. Especially in this fast-moving day and age where things rapidly change in the blink of an eye.

As consumers we are becoming more demanding as things change at an unbelievable rate compared to only a few years ago.

As a company this means we need to meet this demand by keeping up with some trends that will only boost your company.

Some key things to look out for:

Increased personalisation

Printing in itself is a personal service with a major aspect being the information used in the first place to create. By having a key approach to personalising the product for the company and product creates a sense of uniqueness, a sense of belonging that customers strive for.

Internet of things:

This has affected almost every single industry that involves electronics. We have went from a long process to even turn on a bulky computer to being able to print on small smart screens.

3D printing:

Niche area, becoming more affordable

Printers began diversifying and offering service to existing base. Large number of businesses don’t provide, hence more companies capitalise

Minimalism in design:

Design & print, at Zing we understand the focus in design and print separately and together. By combining both, focusing on clean, crisp images that still come across elegantly. In a eye capturing way that will entice more people in as it is about having a clean look.

Increased digitalisation:

Allowing users to scan and store their documents quickly, sending through an email is good however if there are more companies using an app (which, in itself shows you are directly keeping the customer only on your brand) it makes the whole process much simpler for the user which means it becomes effortless which is what we are leaning more towardsaswe begin this new decade.

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